Korlux™ Performance vs Laminate & Solid Surface Materials

Korlux™ Specifications


Standard Sheet:    

Nominal dimensions 4' x 8', thickness 0.035"

Wide Sheet: 

Nominal dimensions 5' x 12', thickness 0.035"

Custom Sheet:

Available 3', 4' and 5' wide by 8', 10' and 12' long by .035", .050" and .090" thick by special order.


Approx 6.5 lbs per 4' x 8' sheet @ 0.035 thickness.


Korlux uses a unique priming system that allows fabrication with all three of the most common adheasive types ... contact cement, PVA and EVA.

Storage and Handling

 Korlux  laminate sheets should be stored face-up in a cool, dry area and in a  completely supported flat position. Do not store on edge or coiled.  Avoid bending and kinking that will crease the sheet. For best results, fabricate at room temperature.

Special Conditions

Do not expose Korlux to direct flame  Do not expose to continuous ambient temperatures in excess of 150°F or allow brief contact with objects hotter than 365°F.  Do not use where finished product will be exposed to direct sunlight or to extended periods of bright, indirect sunlight.

Architectural Specifications

  Korlux - Flexible Stone Veneer™ is  intended primarily for interior vertical surfaces. However, the performance characteristics of Korlux does make it a suitable surfacing material for horizontal and exterior surfaces in limited circumstances.

The following Key Features of Korlux make it he right choice for worksurfaces that are exposed to excessive impact, wear or exposure to harsh chemicals and cleaning solutions. 

  • Impact Strength:  An impact that would  crack or chip high pressure decorative laminate or solid surface material will show no effect on Korlux.
  • Wear Reistance:  Korlux is 35 times more wear resistant than high pressure decorative laminate.  
  • Chemical Resistance:  Korlux exhibits more chemical resistance than Wilsonart® Chemsurf® Chemical-Resistant Laminate. 

Architects can specify Korlux in a project by adding  the following  information to the appropriate Division of the Master Specification:

  • "Provide Korlux - Flexible Stone Veneer™, or an equivalent material, where indicated in the contract documents. To be considered equal, a material must be a maximum of 0.040” thick; score a minimum of 100” on the NEMA LDS-2005 Ball Impact test and 14,000 cycles on the Wear Resistance test; pass the S.E.F.A. 8.1 Chemical Spot Test. Korlux is manufactured by Bordener Engineered Surfaces, 106 S. Walnut St, Bay City, MI 48706 (Tel: 866.616.1463 ext 3).