Management Team

Bob Brentin


Bob is an experienced new business development professional.  He has held several project leadership and product development positions at both Dow Chemical and Dow Corning.  He has extensive business experience in both the chemical and plastics industries, as well as a proven track record in technology transfer activites.   Bob previously served as President of the Product Development & Management Association.  Key capabilities include front end innovation, technology transfer, portfolio  management, e-Business, plastics product and application development. 

Mark McKinley

Chairman of the Bordener Board 

Mark has ten years of  development and commercialization experience with Dow Chemical Company.  He is president and CEO of the McKinley Technology Group.   He has extensive entrepreneurial experience in product development and new business start-ups.  Since leaving Dow, he has revolutionized the creative development and commercialization process behind many products through his company, McKinley Technology Group.

Chris Surbrook

Director of Technology

Chris is the developer of the Korlux™ pigment and color technology.  He is  the former President & CEO of All-Plastics, Inc. Chris is also the new business development manager at Midland Compunding & Consulting.  Chris has an excellent understanding of the plastics market from both the technical, marketing and sales perspectives. He is unique in that he has the technical capability to develop products and the sales and maketing perspective to identify and understand the requirements.

Stacy Pastein

VP Business Development & Investor Relations Manager

Stacy brings 28 years of strategic corporate management experience in the areas of sales, marketing, business development and international joint venture formation from Dow Corning.  Stacy lived in South Korea from 1982-1985 where he formed a Dow Corning – LuckyGoldstar group Joint Venture. Since 2000 Stacy has participated in the launching of a number of entrepreneurial start-up companies with the  McKinley Technology Group.