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Bordener Engineered Surfaces

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Home Promotionals

Advertisements and Promotionals for Korlux™ Flexible Stone Veneer™

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National Advertisements

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A Day At The Mall

(pdf, 335 kb)
Day at the Mall

Point of Purchase Displays

(pdf, 324 kb)
Point of Display

Sell Sheets

    Sample Promotional Concepts - *Click Thumbnails to View Full Sheet


Chips? No Chips!

(pdf, 203 kb)
Chips? No Chips!


Office Workstations

(pdf, 162 kb)
Form and Function


Inlay Graphics on Blueboard

(pdf, 135 kb)
Blueboard In-lay

Remodeled Vanity

(pdf, 97 kb)
Re-modeled Vanity


Inlayed Logo - Coffee Bar

(pdf, 143 kb)
Java Stop