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Bordener Engineered Surfaces

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About Bordener™ Engineered Surfaces

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Bordener™ Engineered Surfaces designs, develops and manufactures a truly unique surfacing product for a large variety of applications in construction, retail, and OEM industrial markets. Bordener’s first product line, Korlux™, is a revolutionary Flexible Stone Veneer™, sold in standard 4’ x 8’ sheets, with other sizes available.

Korlux™ Flexible Stone Veneer™ is a patent pending, revolutionary stone-filled plastic laminate that offers a 3-dimensional stone or granite appearance due to its multi-layer construction. Korlux™ is made from a densified resin and stone composite that is processed under high heat and pressure to form a tough, yet flexible material that can easily be fabricated or thermoformed for specific applications. Korlux™ is the ideal surfacing solution for decorative applications in the home, office, retail, marine, restaurant, furniture, and health care markets. Korlux™ can be used to replace various standard building surfacing materials including ordinary laminates, wood, dry wall, metal, natural stone, and manufactured stone or solid surface.

Korlux™ Flexible Stone Veneer™ offers an alternative to costly, hard to fabricate solid surface or stone materials while exhibiting incredible stain resistance, impact resistance, and does not chip. For scratches and stubborn staining agents, Korlux™ can be sanded to renew the surface. The sheet’s unique flexibility and color-through technology allows creative design applications such as tight radius and bull-nose edges and seams with no undesirable dark or brown lines.

Our History

Bordener™ Engineered Surfaces is the latest in a series of successful ventures pioneered by Robert B. Bordener. This company and resulting product represent years of dedicated research and development yielding many world firsts in polymer technology. Our products mark the beginning of a new era in surfacing technology and performance.

Robert B. Bordener has been in the construction business his entire life. He began his formal career by graduating top of his class from Michigan State University’s Building Construction Management Program. He returned to his family business and turned a less profitable, struggling home construction business into one of the most profitable home builders in the state.

Mr. Bordener then formed his own business, Oakland Solid Surface, where he invented and patented the first, and still only other successful, thin solid surface product still on the market, Korstone®, a solid surface veneer pre-cast bathroom vanity top(sink, countertop and backsplash). That product is currently available, under various brand names, at home improvement centers across the United States.

Mr. Bordener challenged several laboratories in the United States to manufacture the unique, never-before-produced, engineered materials necessary to achieve a thin engineered stone-filled sheet for his new invention. Although several of the country’s largest and most sophisticated labs claimed they were able to provide the technological expertise to support his vision, the only one that actually was able to produce the break-through technology was All-Plastics, Inc., owned by Chris Surbrook. When Bordener™ Engineered Surfaces was established in early 2005, All-Plastics, Inc. and Mr. Surbrook were wholly incorporated, with Mr. Surbrook becoming the Director of Technology.

Mr. Bordener realized that the scope of his invention would require an experienced management team that would be able to direct the new company into the multi-billion dollar surfacing market. He contracted the assistance of McKinley Technologies, headed by Mr. Mark McKinley. Mr. McKinley and his associates brought proven product commercialization experience and the strategic management skills necessary to launch Bordener™ Engineered Surfaces and to guide the company to commercial success.

Today Bordener™ Engineered Surfaces is poised to deliver a unique flexible stone veneer, with a true 3-dimensional appearance, at an affordable price. We invite your inquiries and welcome the opportunity to customize a product to fit your specific surfacing applications.

Thank You,
The Team at Bordener™ Engineered Surfaces