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Specifying Korlux™ Flexible Stone Veneer™

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Korlux™ Flexible Stone Veneer™ is an innovative new surfacing material intended primarily for interior vertical surfaces. The characteristics of Korlux™ also make it a suitable surfacing material for horizontal and exterior surfaces in limited circumstances.

The key feature of Korlux™ is durability. An impact that would crack or chip high pressure decorative laminate or solid surface material will show no effect on Korlux™. Additionally, Korlux is 35 times more wear resistant than high pressure decorative laminate. Finally, Korlux™ is more chemically resistant than Wilsonart® Chemsurf® Chemical-Resistant Laminate. These features make Korlux™ the right choice for worksurfaces that are exposed to excessive impact, wear or exposure to harsh chemicals and cleaning solutions. Accelerated UV testing suggests a 2-1/2 year life cycle (or better) for Korlux™ used in exterior applications.

To specify Korlux™ in a project, add the following information to the appropriate Division of your Master Specification:

"Provide Korlux™ Flexible Stone Veneer™, or an equivalent material, where indicated in the contract documents. To be considered equal, a material must be a maximum of 0.040” thick; score a minimum of 100” on the NEMA LDS-2005 Ball Impact test and 14,000 cycles on the Wear Resistance test; pass the S.E.F.A. 8.1 Chemical Spot Test. Korlux™ is manufactured by Bordener Engineered Surfaces, 4706-B James Savage Road, Midland, MI 48642 (Tel. 888-456-7589)."