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Bordener Engineered Surfaces

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Technical Data for Korlux™ Flexible Stone Veneer™

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Standard Sheet:

Nominal dimensions 4' x 8', thickness 0.035"

Wide Sheet:

Nominal dimensions 5' x 12', thickness 0.035"

Custom Sheet:

Available 3', 4' and 5' wide by 8', 10' and 12' long by .035", .050" and .090" thick by special order.


Approx 6.5 lbs per 4' x 8' sheet @ 0.035 thickness.

Storage and Handling:

Korlux™ laminate sheets should be stored face-up in a cool, dry area and in a completely supported flat position. Do not store on edge or coiled. Avoid bending and kinking that will crease the sheet. For best results, fabricate at room temperature.

Special Conditions:

Do not expose to direct flame.
Do not expose to continuous ambient temperatures in excess of 150°F or allow brief contact with objects hotter than 365°F.
Do not use where finished product will be exposed to direct sunlight or to extended periods of bright, indirect sunlight.


Korlux uses a unique priming system that allows fabrication with all three most common adheasives, contact cement, PVA and EVA.

Competitve Product Comparison

Product Test Method NEMA LD3-2005
Performance Standards
Typical 1/4" solid surface
Typical 50 horizontal grade (HGS) laminate
Typical 32 vertical grade (VGS) laminate
Thickness (nominal)  
0.028 0.250
Light Resistance 3.3
No effect
Slight Effect
Slight effect No effect
Cleanability (low score is better) 3.4
20 maximum
20 maximum Not reported
Stain Resistance          

Reagents 1-10

No effect
No effect
No effect Not reported

Reagents 11-15

No effect
Moderate effect
Moderate effect Not reported
Boiling Water Resistance 3.5
No effect
No effect
No effect No change
High Temperature Resistance 3.6
See note below*
Slight effect
Slight effect No change
Scratch Resistance 3.7
50-100 grams
0-200 grams
0-200 grams Not reported
Ball Impact Resistance(inches) 3.8
120 minimum
50 minimum
20 minimum 36
Radiant Heat Resistance - seconds 3.10
125 minimum
80 minimum Not reported
Dimensional Change          

Machine Direction - %

0.50 maximum
0.70 maximum Not reported

Cross Direction - %

0.90 maximum
1.20 maximum Not reported
Wear Resistance - cycles 3.13
400 minimum
400 minimum 1,000
* Korlux™ is rated for applications with continuous ambient temperatures up to 150°F. Korlux™ can withstand direct contact conditions up to 365°F; however some common adhesives may not withstand this extreme temperature. BES recommends a maximum temperature of 250°F for any objects that come into contact with the Korlux™ surface.