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Bordener Engineered Surfaces

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Features and Benefits of Korlux™ Flexible Stone Veneer™

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Scratch and Scuff Resistance

Due to Bordener's color-through technology, minor scuffs and scratches that occur in everyday use are barely detectable. However, if desired, they are easily removed with a Scotch-Brite® pad. Deeper scuffs and scratches may be removed through hand or machine sanding, restoring the surface to its original beauty.



Does Not ChipChip

Korlux™ has over two times the impact resistance of standard high pressure horizontal grade laminate, over six times that of vertical grade laminate and over three times that of solid surface materials. When subjected to impact, laminates and solid surface materials crack, chip or break. Korlux™ does not chip when subjected to a heavy blow that would send chips flying on laminates and solid surface materials. Korlux™ deforms and may show a moderate dent or it may return to its original shape depending upon the severity of the impact.

Stain Resistance

Korlux™ is highly stain resistant, scoring a 9 on the NEMA LD-3 cleanability test vs the performance standard of 20 for standard high pressure laminates (low scores are best)!

Chemical Resistance

Korlux™ is highly chemical resistant, showing no effect when exposed to alcohol, bleach, acetone, Betadine® and many other chemicals found in hospitals and clinical labs.



Despite the high concentration of natural stone and the granite-like appearance, Korlux™ is remarkably flexible, and can be formed to a 1” radius without heat. This presents the design professional and fabricator with creative opportunities not possible with laminates or achieved only at great expense with solid surface materials.

Disappearing Edge SeamsSeams

The natural stone chips and coloring are distributed uniformly throughout the sheet, eliminating the dark seam lines characteristic with other surfacing materials.

Dolken™ (Woodtape) offers a color matched 1mm or 3mm PVC edgeband for Korlux™.

Fabrication with Simple Hand Tools and Adhesives

Korlux™ is easily fabricated with standard hand tools. It can be laminated to plywood, particle board, MDF, hardboard (virtually any substrate using a wide variety of common adhesives). Trimming excess material on glued-up panels is best done with a bearing-guided trim bit.

Korlux™ is equally at home in the production shop. Full sized panels can be laid up and cut on panel saws. Panels may be machine edge-banded with matching (printed) 1mm PVC edgeband.ured with the same natural stone chips used in the sheet goods. The 3mm edge features the same color-through technology in a translucent medium that gives the entire Korlux™ product line its unique characteristics.